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Survival of Orangutans in the Wild

is a small, private Not-for-profit that aims to support and encourage charities working to address complex, challenging issues in innovative ways. These often combine cutting-edge thought with strong values and aim to combine social change with efficient delivery.


Kublaitrust works in three ways:


- we identify, research and discuss specific areas of activity and goals


- we provide on a small scale financial and other forms of support, including unpaid consultancy directly to charities


- we encourage other potential supporters, be they individuals, corporates or not-for-profits to get involved in these areas


The present themes of activity are:


“Survival of Orangutans in the Wild”

“Marine Conservation”

“Holistic Health”

“Social Change"


"Human Rights”


The survival of the Orangutans, our close relatives, is intimately linked to the fate of tropical rainforests of Borneo and
Sumatra. In turn the protection of tropical rainforests is the most cost-effective and immediate measure that can be taken to address CO2 emissions and climate change. 

We therefore support three types of initiatives in this area:


- direct assistance to Orangutans, as undertaken by charities such as the Orangutan Foundation, Sepilok, the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation etc


- charities that work on rainforest protection and the integration of forests into the clean development mechanism and Kyoto II, such as the excellent Fauna&Flora International


- other initiatives that broadly assist this effort, for instance the Environmental Investigation Agency.


Kublaitrust will participate at IUCN 2012 in Jeju to make sure Orangutans are heard.


Please contact if you would like further information.


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